Business Consulting WordPress Theme has been created for consulting, accounting, corporate and other websites, etc., particularly for WordPress. Created for business-related websites with fully functional page builders. Prior to this, receptive templates created specifically for marketing, accounting, business, and other company sites are designed so that they look fantastic on all devices. It has several layouts for various consulting, finance, enterprise, and other general company websites that can be imported with a single click. Display the media content or web content ex uniquely. portfolio, video, pictures, video, and slider layouts in a variety of ways.The Avante Nulled Theme supports a range of options including password-protected, right-click, drag protection, and watermark protection.Sensitive, user-focused design, all pages are built to look fantastic on all devices, regardless of what devices users are on laptops, tablets, or cellular phones. If you want to disable responsive features, only one click is required in the back-end of your live customer.

Easily change Menu Font Family, Menu Font Size, Menu Padding, Menu Font Weight, Menu Font Spacing, and Menu Font Text Transform.
Simply change Menu Font Color, Menu Hover State Font Color, Menu Active State Font Color, and Menu Bar Border Color.
Effortlessly set varying background of Menu Background Color, Menu Background Image, Menu Background Repeat, Menu Background Size, Menu Background Attachment and Menu Background Position
Sub Menu Submenu can be set including SubMenu Font Size, SubMenu Font Weight, SubMenu Font Spacing, SubMenu Font Text Transform, Sub Menu Font Color, Sub Menu Hover State Font Color, Sub Menu Hover State Background Color, Sub Menu Background Color, and Sub Menu Border Color.
Mega Menu Theme comes with mega menu support so you can display navigation links into columns which allow you to organise large number of menu items
Change Mega Menu Header Font Color and Mega Menu Border Color by color picker with ease
Create custom & rich contents for your mega menu using drag&drop Elementor page builder. No coding skills is required!
Top Bar
Only one click is required for displaying Top Bar above main menu.
In addition, Top Bar Background Color and Top Bar Menu Font Color can be changed easily.
Contact Info Contact Hours and Contact Phone Number can be set. Moreover, only one click is required for opening Top Bar Social Icons link in new window
Side Menu
Only one click is required to enable Side Menu on Desktop
Easily change Side Menu Background Color, Side Menu Font Color and Side Menu Hover State Font Color by color picker
Easily set Side Menu Background Image by just browsing the image
Moreover, simply change Background Repeat, Background Size, Background Attachment, and Background Position with ease.
Also, effortlessly change Side Menu Font Family, Side Menu Font Size, and Side Menu Font Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize)
Only one click is required to enable add Blur Effect to header background image when scrolling pass it
Easily change Page Header Background Color by color picker
Page Title
Effortlessly change Page Header Padding Top, Page Header Padding Bottom, Page Title Font Size, Page Title Font Weight, Page Title Font Spacing and Page Title Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize)
Easily change Page Title Font Color by color picker


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