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“OpenCart Custom T-shirt Design” Module is an open cart module which is used to design or printing on T-shirts. By this module customer can design the t-shirt on both positions (front & back) as per their need such as add logo, image, clip-art or any text, number by different types of font, color and design. Customer can upload multiple images and just drag the image on different positions of a T-shirt or he can select existing clip art from the sample items which was uploaded by shop owner

“OpenCart Custom T-shirt Design” module has some excellent features and very easy to install or setup


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Design Preview
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Features of OpenCart Custom T-Shirt Design

  • Shoppers can upload their own Design/Image/Logo or clip-art to print on T-shirt while shopping.
  • Add Text or Number on the t-shirt product.
  • Can select multiple image/logo from the existing clip-art to put on the t-shirt.
  • Change the Color, Size and Style of the Text or Number.
  • Place Text or Images in any position of the t-shirt.
  • Shows Preview mode of the T-shirt as designed.
  • Shoppers can add to cart same product with customization or without customization and price will be different for that purpose.
  • Shoppers can view the customized product (text or uploaded image with position) on the popup by clicking the “Design Preview” icon or from his own account (Order History > view)

New Features of OpenCart Custom T-Shirt Design

  • Now users can add Text and Images to both Front side and Back Side of the T-shirt.
  • Text and Images can be moved and placed/positioned on anywhere on the T-shirt area.
  • Admin can add their Own set of Logos and images as the sample.
  • This update will work for other themes along with the default theme, provided that theme is using the default functions and features of OpenCart.
  • Admin can printout the uploaded images/logo of custom design from the order details page from admin panel.
  • Multiple Text and Multiple Image can be added on T-Shirt.
  • Drag & Drop System.
  • Text & Image can be Resize.
  • Instant Design Preview.
  • Dynamic Text Color.
  • Category-wise ClipArt, Image, Logo and other pictures are uploaded by Admin.

Admin Features of OpenCart Custom T-Shirt Design

  • 9 (nine) types of popup themes available with preview.
  • Admin can select/deselect customize option and set the “Custom Price” and “Minimum Customize Quantity” from Catalog > Products > Custom Design Tab for each product.
  • Admin can set “Header Text Color”, “Font Color”, “Header Text Italic”, “Customize Price Text”, “Customize Price Text Color”, “Customize Price Text Underline”, “Customize Popup Top text:”, “Minimum Customize Alert Text” of Popup from “Template” Tab of Admin Settings.
  • Admin can set “Design Button Text”, “Button Font Size”, “Button Font Bold”, and “Button color” from “Design Button” Tab.
  • Admin can show or hide “Design Link” for different page or different modules from “Settings” Tab.
  • Admin can show or hide “Design Link” for all pages or some selected pages and for all modules or some selected modules (ex. Featured Module, Bestseller Module, Latest Module, Product Details Page, Search Page, Category Page etc.) from “Settings” Tab.
  • Admin can upload font from “Add Fonts” Tab.
  • Admin can change or customize all popup text from “Change Text” tab of Admin settings.
  • Admin can view and print the customized product from Sales > Orders > View > Products.

Change Log: Version:1.1

1. Multiple Texts.
2. Multiple Images.
3. Drag & Drop for both images and texts.
4. Text & Image Resize.
5. Design Delete Button.
6. Instant Design Preview.
7. Dynamic Text Color.
8. Categoriesd ClipArt.
9. Dynamic Products Variations.
10. Expanded Design Preview area.

Change Log: Version:1.0

1. Plugin Release.


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